Jamie works as a hotliner in a high-tech company. Not his dream job but not the worst one either. One day, he receives a call that will change his life forever. Something massive is happening among his own company and Jamie is about to go on a journey to some places far beyond the sky...

The game has 17 levels with a bonus cinematic at the end. The game can be beaten in 15 minutes or less.

Game controls:

LEFTGo left
RIGHTGo right
ENTER or SPACEGet next dialogue
ESCSkip dialogues

The TEAM :

  • Chloe: Art design
  • Matteo: Level design, game testing
  • modbtalk: Level design, game testing, pizza management
  • Duy: Programing, sound design


This a very first attempt to make a game for all 4 of us and was intended to be published as contender for the Beginners Circle Jam 3. It was way tougher than expected but it was also a lot of fun (we made pretty much every asset from scratch). We are very proud of what we produced and hope you'll have a little bit of fun as well.


PurrTech 28 MB

Development log


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Really cute game, loved the story :) I have to agree with level designs needing a bit more work. Overall, well done!

Cheers!! we have learnt a lot from this jam!

Loved it! Puzzle design still needs a bit of tweaking, but overall it's really fun and challenging

thanks! we'll try to allocate more time to the level design next time :)

What a lovely game! Cool dialogs and stealh action! "Modern slavery" THIS IS SO TRUE!!

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thanks! we're pleased you enjoyed the game and that you joined our fight against modern slavery towards cats xD

Excellent game! Loved the art, the puzzle aspect of the stealthy platforming gameplay was good, and the game is pretty generous in terms of content (cinematics, lot of levels...), especially for a game jam game!

Scenario and dialogues were really fun by the way.

My only critique would be on the level design side, some of the levels are a bit tricky to complete, and sometimes need some "counter-intuitive maneuvers" with the given mechanics, which gives the feeling of "cheating" a bit... Not sure if my sentence really makes sense... To make it short, I sometimes had the feeling that the way I finished some levels was not the intended one.

But overall it is a good concept, that I really enjoyed playing!

Thank you very much for playing it and the good review!

 We tried really hard to offer fun and challenging levels. Testing the levels was a main focus for our game but so were so many other aspects (code, art, animation...). Balancing the difficulty was one of the unexpected major issues we had. It might have reflected in some of the levels.

Anyway, we are so glad that you had such a good time playing our game and wish you a really good jam!

Enjoyed the platforming.

Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it!

Cool concept! Good job on the game

Thanks for playing! glad you enjoyed it :)

Fun game, I played through all the levels although I mostly skipped the dialogue (not much of a dialogue reader)

The platforming works well and I liked the meowing mechanic that created a puzzle-like element to the stealth gameplay. I think the mechanic could be fleshed out a bit more to make it more consistent and create more fun gameplay scenarios, but its a strong start.

For some examples of what I mean: the sight radius once you've been spotted is a bit too big in relation to the size of the level, it's nearly impossible to get out of being detected once spotted except when there's a box. The meowing could be changed to only attract guards that are close enough to hear, having every guard suddenly start moving when I meow makes the levels more rigid to design.

Also two tidbits about the dialogue system:

1. whilst the text is being written, pressing space skips to the next sentence rather than just skipping the 'typing' animation to display the full sentence

2. the last sentence of any piece of dialogue doesn't close for a good few seconds. this meant I couldn't just skip through the text to get to the levels. It's especially tedious when the text kept repeating at the start of certain levels that I'd die & restart several times

overall, thanks for the submission I hope you had fun making it and continue to experiment in other jams!

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Thanks a lot for playing the game through all the levels and taking the time to give a feedback! I'll try to address the aforementionned issues:

  • Dialogues: this was one of our biggest challenges. We tackled this part towards the end of the jam and noticed afterwards the dialogues were a little bit broken. Thanks for the advice though! It's going to help me figure out how to fix it.
  • Sight Radius: We had some discussions about this matter and decided to go with what we implemented. This helped us building challenging levels without too much coding in such a short period of time. If we had done differently, the whole game would have been different. And we believe, would have been too much challenging to us to design and implement in time.

We don't really know if we can update our game for fixing these bugs before the end of the jam, but we will for sure as soon as it ends. :)

Dialogue bug fixed and button for skipping dialogues added!!! thanks a lot for your feedback